A crush on Lucero

Adam and I both have a crush on Lucero.  On Ben Nichols.  On Rick Steff.  And I can't wait to hear their new album.

Rick Steff plays the keyboard and accordian.  If I'm honest, he's the only one I really made eye contact with at their show at the Sitzmark on Saturday.  And I reached up on stage at one point and he reached back.  That was a special moment for me.  Also when I mouthed the words "good one" to him and he nodded back.  All of these things make me smile.  Thank you Rick!
Rick Steff.  Via April Wise Photography.
Adam gave Rick his Hulin sweatshirt.  (The Girdwood cat hoodie.) So they had a moment as well.

This is my first shot at describing a band.  And with Lucero that is a little hard for me.  You could say they are alt-country.  Hillbilly.  Rock 'n roll.  They drink whiskey and curse and tell jokes at their own expense.  They love hard.

Adam and Ben had a talk last Thursday night about history, and about using Ben's songs to teach about world wars one and two.
Ben Nichols.  Via April Wise Photography.
I gave Ben a hug during intermission.  Sometimes the lyrics make me get a little teary, and Saturday night was no exception.  After the show, I felt like I had to say something, and how it went was something like this:

I walk straight up to Ben and get his attention.  Obviously going to say something.
Me:  I make art.
Me:  And
Me:  From those of us, who wear our hearts on our sleeves.  I just want to say thank you for doing this.
Ben:  I know what you mean.  There are some women I know back home who make the most amazing things.  I just can't get over it.

We get interrupted and that's that.

But the beauty of it all is, the man who owns Alyeska loves their music at least as much as Adam and I do.  So hopefully they will keep coming back.

And if they do, we will be there every time.  And it'll be swee-eet!

(P.S.  We actually asked them to come play at our wedding back in 2005.  Via a message on myspace.  Because we're dorks.  And fans.  And we have a crush on Lucero.)

Here is a video I took, though the sound quality from my phone is just awful:

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  1. everytime i hear Lucero i think of you two...i cannot believe you got to see him .love this.


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