Some Scenes from Our Celebration ::

I have to hustle off to work this morning.  But before I go, I want to share some photos of our Thanksgiving.  We had some dear new friends over with their daughter and little baby twins.  Nana Liz and Pops were here from Thanksgiving.  And we can't forget my Mom and Karl.
Is it done yet?
Cars in the Kitchen 
Mad fan folding skills.
Mike and Pops
A Little Ambiance 
Karl and Beanie

The Ladies Who Made It Happen
Sweet Boy, Whipped Cream, and Puppy
Everybody Loves Handsome Guys With Pie

The Twins 
Essential Skills

June's Turkey Day Window Art
Me and the Kiddos
Nana Liz Love
Scenes from My Home
Jackie, Morgan, and Addie

Thanks to all for a lovely celebration.  I truly enjoyed it.

P.S. Check out Jackie's blog here.


  1. It looks like fun! I'm impressed by those napkins. What a beautiful photo of you! The kids look cute too, of course, but you look gorgeous.

  2. I like how June writes her name with an exclamation point. June!


  3. Thanks Denise! I also love how she writes my name in addition to hers nearly every time. The girl is a sweetie pie for sure.


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