Some Little Things & a Favorite Song

Yesterday a lamp fell on June's head.  She then sledded to her heart's delight.  We all went out as a family, and while Miles was done after 3 or 4 runs, June stayed out with her Dad for nearly an hour after that.  It was beautiful out - the sun came out after a few days of dumping snow, leaving us with pretty marshmallow land to walk through.

Miles can count to 9, though he often starts at 3.  His favorite joke is "Guess what Mommy?"  And I say, "What?" and he says, with a little grin, "Charlotte."  Another of my favorites is that he will often come up to a place where I am sitting and very assertively tell me to scoop.  It gets me every time.

And here, here is a favorite song which has turned into a favorite band.  I haven't been this enamored with some kind of music in ages so I hope you enjoy it.

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