Cold Houses

Here is the latest installation.

When I was in elementary school, I saw a video which showed a man constructing an igloo and which explained that people did not actually live in igloos, but instead they were temporary structures, used for hunting trips.  Rather than operate on this small knowledge, I thought I would do some research.

Today wikipedia says:

There are three traditional types of igloos, all of different sizes and all used for different purposes.
  • The smallest was constructed as a temporary shelter, usually only used for one or two nights. These were built and used during hunting trips, often on open sea ice.
  • Intermediate-sized igloos were for semi-permanent, family dwelling. This was usually a single room dwelling that housed one or two families. Often there were several of these in a small area, which formed an Inuit village.
  • The largest igloos were normally built in groups of two. One of the buildings was a temporary structure built for special occasions, the other built nearby for living. These might have had up to five rooms and housed up to 20 people. A large igloo might have been constructed from several smaller igloos attached by their tunnels, giving common access to the outside. These were used to hold community feasts and traditional dances.
I can't imagine living in an ice house - even one with five rooms.  It is so cold outside today ... the thermometer in my car read 18 degrees in the morning and 12 degrees as I started my car up after work.  Brrr.  Both times I started my car it was dark.   We live in such an insane, extreme place.

On another topic, that being the letter "I" ~ I could not think of an animal (aside from an iguana) that was sufficiently common or well known enough to use.  Ice cream was another good idea, as was icicle.  As you will see with the next one, "J" is also proving difficult.  So much that I will have two letter "J's" for my next illustration post.  Stay tuned.

P.S. If you did not check out the Ben Howard video in my prior post, you are missing out.  Not really about the video - but about the song.  So check it out!


  1. Okay, I have a crazy habit of opening new windows of links that show up in posts in my google reader as I go through the reader (does that make any sense?). Anyway, I find that this practice often leads me to whole ton of awesome links, but 100% zero memory of where I found the link to begin with! So, that happened yesterday with Ben Howard. WHOA! I'm hooked. Then I found this unplugged version of that song:
    Mind. Blown!!! I'm so happy that you posted about it again so I can say Thank YOU! I loved it so much.

  2. Ha! I do that exact same thing. And that song! It is so great. Thanks for sharing the link. I'm going to go check it out right now. I am super happy that you like the music. I love it so much that sharing it with even just one person (like yourself) makes me stoked. What's neat to me is that my kids like it too. Miles will cry out from his car seat, "Only Love!" so that I will play that song. And this song we're talking about is frequently requested by June.


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