Last night Miss J was caught sleepwalking again.

Her Dad and I were in bed reading at about 10:30 at night.  J came in looking sleepy and disoriented, and we told her she had to go back to her bed.  She didn't listen and instead came walking slowly up to the bed.  The girl was on a mission.

As she got closer I could see that her eyes were only half open and that they were moving slightly from side to side.  She was asleep!
Evening book time - unrelated, but this post needed a picture.  
Our attitudes of "go back to your bed right now" immediately shifted and we embraced the sleepy little creature who came to cuddle.  It was very sweet.

I think she does this rather often, as she silently makes her way to us in the night.  She makes it to our bed almost every night, but more than half the time I do not wake up.  One morning recently I walked out of the bedroom - I think it was a weekend because it was light outside - and there on the carpet was a little puddle and a pair of pink stripey +chonies.  I could just imagine her sleeping self squatting down for some relief.  What was unbelievable to me was that she also got herself a new (and dry) pair of chonies.

+ chonies are underpants, in case you are unfamiliar with J's preferred term.

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