Husband Hijack

 Just wanted to give my two cents. Amy is very busy and she totally kicks ass, but her cyber life has certainly lost... presence. All I can say is that it must be rough to be interested in so many things and be good at so many skills.
I think she suffers from disappointment more than most people: disappointment in not getting to do as many things as she would like. Ever notice it on here? Knitting, cooking, painting, parenting, etc. Amazing.

On to my original intended hijack subject.We had a small barbecue as mentioned before. What we did not get to show was the birthday song. It certainly is one for the ages:

As you can see (and hear), we are seeing quite a bit personality developing in Milo:

"No nose wipe, Dadda"

But really, our kids are so great. This was a rainy day after a rainy night of camping and we were hungry, tired, and wet. But when I stepped in the river to photograph them on the bridge, all was forgotten in a burst of joy I call "Look what Dad can do". Walking through the river? Hilarious.

Two rays of sunshine on an otherwise dreary day.

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