He's Two - good excuse for a barbecue

Miles turned two last week.  While I have some birthday photos, I wanted to fill this post with some photos we took out at Point Woronzof last week.  It was sunny and hot for here, and we had dinner on the beach.  Adam and I feasted on some Bear Tooth burritos and the kids had dumplings, which they adore and clamor for.

But this post is about Miles.  Who is officially two.  It feels like not so long ago that he was born, but I cannot pretend that it feels like only yesterday.  I do feel a little momma guilt that June had so many more blog posts than he has had.  But... I have to get over it.

Some things he says that I do not want to forget:
Choc-kick -- chocolate
Poot-taste -- toothpaste
Oh Man (a la swiper) -- and sometimes, "No oh man!" when he's tired of us repeating it to him
Boo-ka-boo -- popsicle

For yes, he says, "Hmm."  Or maybe it sounds like "Huhm."  With an affirmative nod.  Rather than yes.

To direct us to what he wants he continues pointing at what he wants and says, "Kind!!"  And if we get the wrong thing, "No Kind.  Kind!!!"  And it repeats.

He is steadily and very rapidly growing out of this speech though.  All of a sudden, he is talking almost as much as Noah was when Noah was here visiting two months ago.  He is learning his colors and is good at recognizing blue, green, and orange.  Today he said, "My ball is outside."  And while I can't remember it, I counted a six or seven word sentence the other day.
Mean throwing arm - which led my Mom to tell me for the first time ever that her brother was a minor league pitcher.
He is not left-handed though, which perhaps lends to the apparent difficulty here...
One thing I should have documented a while back is that whenever we color, he wants me to draw him an owl and a kitty.  Every. Single. Time.  Today though I drew him two spiders, and he was wild about those.  He did not want anyone to touch them after.  He loves to paint, but what kid doesn't?
Throwing is serious business.
He is fiercely into momma these days.  And still snuggles closely.  He very recently weaned and still wants to nurse now and then, but does not get any milk when he does.  I think we have only a month or two to go and he will stop incessantly putting his hand down my shirt.  Maybe.
It may be hard to tell, but this was a tough rock to climb.   Hence the look of pride.
Both kids have been climbing into the bed at night as we sleep.  Sometimes I hear them, but they are stealthy little ones.  They like the snuggles and I confess I like them too.
He was afraid of the airplanes taking off overhead.
Miles continues to be a good sleeper all around, but we sure wish he would get over using his "plug."

Today, we bought him a froggy potty at Target.  And tonight he used it to go pee for the very first time.  He's growing up this kid.

He loves to climb and throw.  And hit.  We're trying to teach him not to hit.  In the downstairs bathroom, he'll climb onto the toilet so he can reach the sink to turn the water on and wash his hands.  I'm amazed at the things he'll think of in order to reach something he wants.

June and Miles have a very sweet relationship.  She protects him when big kids are running nearby.  She overprotects him sometimes and it makes him crazy.  She is a little momma to him and I have not once seen her strike him or lash out at him.  That'll come I'm sure, but for now they have a very sweet relationship.   They are sharing a room and June couldn't be happier about it.  She did not like sleeping in there alone.
Our little girl.
He is charming, this boy.  He looks like his baby nickname was Smiles.  His hair (as you can see) has become very blond.  He looks like his daddy that way, but has a bunch of me too.

P.S.  I guess I never talked about his birthday barbecue that we had yesterday.  I'm about to upload his birthday song video to Vimeo though, so I'll try to post it soon.  Like tomorrow.  But I know better than to promise I will!  I'm so lazy about blogging these days...


  1. so adorable. love the beach shots. i want to see you guys SO big one.

  2. Nice description of Miles. I imagine you'll have a great terrible two post soon too. Do they know anything about your work yet?

  3. Thanks Bill. As for my work... they know I go to work, but that is about it. They joined me for lunch in the cafeteria once too. It was nice, but a little strange too. Like seeing your grade school teacher at the grocery store - it feels backwards or something.


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