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Last week June and I opened a very special package in the mail.

It was the headband I ordered from Tender Letters!  Tender Letters is the etsy shop kept by my friend Gina, who I met in Tucson.  She has impeccable style and a fantastic sense of humor.  I read her blog regularly... for style inspiration, peeps of her travels in Singapore and Japan, and just to get a fix of the life of my friend.  Check out her blog here.
The cutest model.
 If you like this headband, she has one more unique style available now.  Check it out!

I also bought an obi belt, pictured below.  I couldn't get a good photo of this one on me yet, but it is lovely.  And if you look at Gina's blog you can see pictures of her wearing it.  She looks waaay better in it than I do at this point, trust me.  My waist is (ahem!) not quite so small.

Obi and lovely note.
Junie's favorite part of the package.
Hope you are all having a great week!  Thanks Gina!

P.S. I gotta do something like this for June and Miles.


  1. super cute! i wish i someone would send me a tender love letters package. what a nice treat!

  2. Hi Amy!
    Thanks so much for sharing all the photos and love! I am so glad that the package made it to you safely.
    Ben and I are back in Tucson now for a few more days, loving every minute with our dearests and each golden ray of light.


  3. Thanks B. I just might have to send you some!


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