Can anyone tell me what this is?

Photo source here.
I am captivated by this plant where the central seed is like a heart.  Does anyone know what it is?

Edited to add: Thanks to all who commented or emailed that this is the Chinese lantern.  I might have to grow some someday!


  1. hey amy - common name is 'chineese lantern' physalis alkekengi.. I have a few stems from a friend and the pods are a rich and brilliant orange.. can't wait for them to dry out like this!

  2. Thanks Laura! BTW: We are getting very excited about your upcoming wedding. We may even be child free for it, which means I can have a lot more fun at the reception!

  3. Chinese Lantern! Woohoo, I knew that one. Thanks for stalking me btw. As for your question about art in House Beautiful (or was it better homes...don't remember) I was not me, at least, I don't think so :) Next week I am going to do a bunch of in process posts and explain all about commissions too, tune in :)



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