Just itching for some green growth

The snow has finally almost all melted.  The street sweepers have swept about half the gravel off of the roads such that they are starting to seem clear.  It rained and settled the dust, a little.  I raked the yard and felt myself envisioning the new green grass sprouting up.  June and I planted a bunch of seeds yesterday: radishes, cilantro, carrots, red cabbage, basil, and lots of lettuces.  She was quite good at it, since they planted seeds over a month ago in her preschool and tend their sproutlings every day.  Adam unpacked all the pots and containers from the shed so we can do some planting.

Now we just need things to start growing.  Now!
Baby fiddles.
P.S. In that last post, I chose the funniest picture of June.  She was not really all that upset.  And in fact, that face she is making is I think due to something that was going on with her brother and not related to the mascara face at all.  

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