Decorating Eggs

We have had a virus cycle around the house for the past 2 weeks.  It started with the Fox, then hit the Bug and I at about the same time.  Only Adam has escaped.  Last night I impulsively stripped all the beds of every last stitch of bedding and remade them.

I opened the windows and let the rooms get cold, if only to have a little fresh air.  (Okay, it was bath time, so I only did this a tiny bit, not wanting warm clean naked baby bodies to get too cold.)

I think we are all beginning to feel much better and we are just itching for the summer season to begin.  Easter was not as exciting as it could have been.  I think these few moments decorating eggs were some of the best.  They were from Saturday afternoon.

We used brown eggs this year and made the dyes from the recipe on the back of the food coloring box.  I was impressed by how true they were to the rainbow they all turned out.

I feel like I have been hibernating.  I yearn to wake up.

I want to empty everything out.  To find myself surrounded with fresh air, clean lines, and open spaces.  But with this cold still lingering it will have to wait until I am not so tired I guess.  If that day ever comes!

P.S. If you are viewing this in a reader, come check out my new look!  What do you all think?  If nothing else, my desire to clean and organize has been applied to my blog...


  1. Blog looks fabulous, I love clean and simple.

    Eggs are awesome! Noe decided Easter is her favorite holiday. That will last until the next fun holiday. :-) But hiding and finding the eggs around the house is a hoot for any age.

  2. I love your new header! It does have a clean, simple feel that is so nice.
    The eggs turned out awesome too. I love the way the brown eggs look. I think I'll do that next year. Noah enjoyed dying eggs so much this year that I had to go out and buy more eggs :)

  3. beautiful eggs and inspiring thoughts! thanks!

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I am glad to have a new visitor here (well, that I know about at least.) Off to go check out your blog...


  5. such sweetness. your eggs are amazing! love the colors. i can't believe how big your boy is....


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