The sweetest thing

Last Friday, as Adam and I were downstairs visiting and the kids were sleeping, I wandered back up the stairs to discover this sight.

This has never happened before to my knowledge.  Miles had carried his milk in too but I moved it because it was blocking his face.  He's a little Houdini, getting out of his bed so silently all the time.

Maybe it is time for them to share a room?  Close to time?


  1. Wow that looks like the coziest little snuggle fest. I have to wonder if June was already asleep or still awake when Miles wandered in? Was he not allowed to fully climb in? I can't believe he is asleep in that position! What a sweet, sweet moment.

  2. this makes my heart ache. i love that your lil boy is just hanging off the bed, crashed out. way to capture a fantastic moment....i heart them.


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