Breakfast with Grandpa

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have breakfast with grandpa.  Now that he is living in sunny Sacramento, we miss going out to breakfast with him more often.  
In fact, I was lucky to spend a whole day with my dad, breakfasting, watching June at ballet class, and then getting taken out to lunch and on a shopping spree.  I can't tell you how nice it was, but perhaps you too have been spoiled now and then by a loving parent?  (I am lucky enough to have two of them, and now and then they spoil me rotten.)
Here are some photos of us having breakfast at Middleway.  I should have taken some pictures of the food, but Miles is at that phase where I don't often get to sit while I eat.  Besides, a bunch of his day care classmates just happened to be at the restaurant too.  So we ran around a lot.

I like how in this one, Miles has his hands clasped.  It is just like when he was a baby and liked holding hands so much.  He still often grips my hands or laces his fingers together when he is resting.  It is so sweet to see some baby traits remaining as he becomes so very grown up.

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  1. I love the photo of June looking at the camera. She looks awfully grown-up! Also, it's fun to see it next to the photo of you. She looks so much like you.
    I love Miles' hair in the last one. I just gave Noah a haircut because he was complaining about it tickling his ears, but I miss that sweet fuzzy baby hair.


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