Here is a picture of my palette after doing some painting.  I find myself often more impressed by the random colors and shapes on my palette than I am with my works in progress.

This may be a little unfair, but for example, I've tried and tried to make abstract paintings and I end up with some pretty crappy stuff.  I don't mind saying it.  I can do a combo of abstract and figurative that looks ok.  But pure random shapes and colors that also have emotional depth?  It's not happening.

I wish I could paint every day.  It seems to take an endless amount of time to complete a painting.  I hope to have more paintings to share soon.  If only painting came as naturally as drawing.


  1. more painting picts, please. you are inspiring me to pick up a brush. ...

  2. I wish you were here and we could start a painting night tradition. What about painting over skype?... maybe not so good for the creative flow. I never had any talent for the abstract. I was always better with the realistic, which I think is why I turned to the photography.
    That fact that you took a picture of your palette I think means you have a great appreciation for abstract art though :)
    Maybe you should start a tradition of making a print from your wet palette every time. Just pressing a piece of wet paper on there could be interesting... It's just so pretty I was thinking if there was some way to preserve it (although that's just what you did with your camera). Okay, I'll stop now because I think I'm rambling. I love seeing your paintings, and especially hearing about your process with them.

  3. I love Emery's idea about pressing the wet paper onto the palette. What an organic and tactile way to capture the elusive abstract.

    The colors here are mesmerizing.

    Hope you're well!

    What I wouldn't do to share a bottle of red wine and a painting night with you ladies.



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