Love in the House Tonight

I couldn't help noticing.

June and Beans watching Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses snuggling.

A boy and his Dad.  Books before bed.
There was lots of love in the house tonight.  Mine was captured behind the camera.

And these pictures were YES, taken at bedtime.  We may not have buds of green sprouting up like everyone in the lower 48, but we have got some sunlight people.  And we have got to be excited about something with all this leftover snow white crud.


  1. Happy Spring! It's nice to see Bean making an appearance. She is regal as ever.


  2. such sweetness. had a dream about you all last night. that we were all somewhere tropical. i think we might have been spelunking...hope all is well in the land of light (more light=more picts:)


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