Parenting is hard. So I need a new couch.

For the last three weeks, our miss June has woken us up at least 4 times in the night.  She has been sick and she already has sleep apnea, so staying asleep is routinely difficult for her.  The cold has made it much worse.  She has had a cold that has just hung on, starting with sniffles and fever, developing to major mucus and cough.  It has included a very red nose.  And the most difficult part of all is that she has simultaneously developed a fear of the dark.  I tell you, it is kind of sweet to comfort a scared little lovely girl in the middle of the night once in a while.  It is quite a different thing when it occurs each and every night, and it just feels as though the parent is being manipulated by false cries from a child who refuses to just go to sleep.  {Yarg. So frustrating.}
So: last night was the first night she slept completely through the night in a very long time.  I applauded her this morning for it.  And I feel better than I have in some time too.

West Elm Armless Sectional
In addition to this, Adam, Miles, and I have also had the same cold.  Luckily for me, I had the mildest version. Miles's turned into an ear infection complete with antibiotics.  Then he had a barfy phase that began with a simple little throw up in June's room last Saturday afternoon.  He puked all day Sunday.  And has puked at least once every day since.  Generally, since we still cosleep, this has included at least one vomit all over mama a night.  Including last night, sigh.  He also has had the same cough as June and is currently battling some major mucus production.  I worry his ear infection will come back because he can't keep down his antibiotics.  As a funny aside, this boy actually likes his nasal aspirator.  How weird is that?

Add to that that it is now a very gray and steely-skied winter.  I look outside and wish for an uplifting ray of sunshine.  And I don't get it.

I'm so thankful for the long Thanksgiving weekend.  I plan to do a lot of relaxing.  And wouldn't it be nice to do it on this perfect couch?  I even read the dimensions and it is a perfect fit for our small and narrow living room.  It has no arms, which is supposedly the way to go in small spaces.  Plus, it is personalizeable through changing out the pillows.  I confess this Christmas version "sells me" on it.  I like the whole color palette of the picture too, though I could never have a red couch.

My color of choice would be the charcoal gray, or perhaps the brown.  Practical yet pretty.

And I can envision myself on this couch.  Watching movies.  Eating popcorn.  Lounging with my feet up.  Reading the bazillionth book to Miles who cannot get enough of them.  Letting June climb all over me.  Watching her be "another dancer" (this time named Daisy) prancing about the room.

Yes.  I need a new couch.

And more sleep.

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  1. I hope you get both of those things, Amy. And that your kids stop barfing and mucusing for a while. You parents are pretty amazing. You and Adam are a great team.
    My favorite is the charcoal gray couch.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Amy


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