12 Week Photography Class

I have joined a photo class that my friend Melissa organized.  It will last for twelve weeks, and if nothing else, should be a good shove for me to post some photos.  Here are a few taken of Miles at the beach.  The first assignment was to play with aperture priority, which I am already familiar with.  I decided to take pictures of one of my favorite subjects instead of a still life. 

We went to Homer this weekend.  And despite all weather reports it was beautiful and sunny.  We then spent the night camping in Hope.  I will post more pictures if I can get around to it this week.  If not, see you next week.  And enjoy these pictures of Miles at different f/stops. 

June will hardly let me take her picture anymore. 

At least Miles doesn't mind.  Yet.  I pasted these out of order.  This last one should go in the middle, in terms of apertures.  Doesn't he look like Pops in this last one??


  1. Beautiful photos! I wish I could do the photo class. That sounds like so much fun!

  2. love that you are doing photo class. i want to do it, too!! your boy is SOO handsome! love him long time.


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