A letter from Dad with pictures

Holy crap.
Our kids are soooo cute.

Both are doing well. I think miles needs to eat all day everyday in order to maintain the serene scene. This is certainly a growth spurt.
June is great. She got through the evening with no whining. Yay! It could be that it was our first evening without extended family or that I fed her apples and chips and salsa when we got home.
She loves being the big sister and rushes to her lil bro's side when he cries out. She also smothers him with her body because she is in perpetual need of getting closer to him. She climbs on us when he is eating, she flops onto him on the floor, she mock squeezes his arms and stuff. She can't get enough... yet.

Her school is really quite nice, I'm not totally hooked, but I'm warming up to it. Certainly slower than she is. After her fourth day today, she told me that her friends were nice and she spotted a couple in pictures on the wall and told me their names.

I think she is either really happy to see us in the afternoons or they need to run those chilluns more. Tonight, she did laps around the kitchen in her chonies and Mile's socks screaming about the monster (me) that was trying to get her back into the mud. I would of course oblige and nab her and blow raspberries on her tum. She laughed the most open, whole hearted laugh i have heard from her. Made me laugh too hard to blow on her.

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  1. hello sweeties! what a pair.. in the future, i forsee junie leading indy, miles and sawyer the in some sort of dance routine activity. she is the queen of them all.


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