Happy Anniversary Love!

These photos are from our September 2005 wedding reception at Nana Liz and Pop's house in Boulder. My Mom took them and I must say I am really happy we have them. I feel like we are so much older now that it is nice to look upon these and say WOW.

I have pregnancy face now, so I look hardly anything like this. Not to mention the 30 or so pounds I'm carrying. But perhaps someday I will be thin again. (Look here and you will see pregnancy face. If one of the hottest women ever can have it, I'm ok!)

P.S. Adam: this is not your special love note.


  1. Wow, 4 years later! Soon to be a family of four. I am proud of you both and hope you enjoy your special day. Happy Anniversary! Mom

  2. Those pictures of you are so great!

    Your mom was so sweet to take pictures of the other couples there, including us. When you sent them to us we couldn't get over how young we looked (and how awkward we looked - we'd only been dating a few months and hadn't really made the leap into PDAs yet :)

    I'm grateful for the pictures too. Thanks Becky!

  3. oh yeah.. and Happy Anniversary!!


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