Some of the photo shoot

The only trouble with a new camera is you tend to go a little nuts and then have to weed out some of the photos. Here are some pictures of Adam and June which I thought were very appropriate for a father's day post.

I love how the new camera enables me to capture June's personality better. Before, with the slower shutter speed, I could hardly ever get a focused picture. When I did, it was of her being still or serious. And that wasn't a fair representation because she is seriously goofy a lot of the time.

I wish I were not so tired. I blame it on being 36 weeks along and working hard and little sleep last night. Plus, Foxie is keeping me awake a lot, moving during the night or giving me aches and pains that cause me to shift to the other side, cursing that I can't lay on my back.

More to come.

PS Last thought on these is that as I sorted through them, loving every second of the obvious love they show between June and Adam, I hoped my Dad had some memories of me that match these photos. I bet he does.


  1. Amy, those pictures are gorgeous! Adam and June look like they had a really happy father's day.

  2. Great photos! They really show her goofiness for sure, and the sweet bond between her and Adam. Definitely wonderful father's day photos. I can't wait to see more of them.

  3. Wow, great father's day photos! They capture the love and playful relationship. The one of June kissing her Dad is precious. Adam is a wonderful father. Your family is blessed. Happy Father's Day Adam.

  4. Those are some seriously goofy and adorable pictures. I can't decide which is my favorite, the top one, the last one, or the one near the bottom where they are making the same silly face at each other. I wish I knew more about photography so I could justify getting a good camera and doing what you are doing. I'd love to capture more silliness!


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