I could watch this video a thousand times. I love the face she makes at the end.

Check it out, it is only a few seconds long.

Dancing/Twirling from Amy on Vimeo.


  1. it's so cute - but it skips a lot! can you repost?

  2. so cute! she is really leaning out... no more baby chubs!

  3. This video makes me want to hug and squeeze her. June looks taller, leaner and delicate. She obviously loves music. I have watched this clip ten times already. She is a charmer!

    Hugs from Nana Becky

  4. I can't tell you how that cracked me up. How mad did she get in the end when she realized you were filming? I can see the teenage June already . . .

    You guys are going to laugh at that one for years!

  5. What a great dancer! I love how much you've encouraged her to just do what seems like fun.


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