This marks night 3

Adam has worked a miracle in this household. It has taken him a nice, gradual couple of months or so, but it is finally paying off.

I've written here about our cosleeping habits, about June's slow transition to her toddler bed, and about the long, slow approach to weaning June and I are working on together.

Well, Adam has very gently worked out a great method of getting June to sleep. Nearly every night now June sleeps from 8 or 8:30 to 6 or 6:30, all night long. She might wake up to squeak a little, but easily falls back to sleep. Last week she got in our bed for a half-hour or so, then asked to go back to her bed. It's official, she sleeps in her own bed.

The system is this: bath and pajamas, usually all with me. June likes to put her pajamas on in her bedroom. In fact, the last few nights, she's put her pajama pants on ALL-BY-HERSELF. We're very proud. I get a big kiss or a little kiss and a big hug or a little hug (definite Junie-ism of late). Then Daddy joins us, I slip away, and the two of them read as many books as they can squeeze in, judging by how exhausted June (or her parents) are. Then the lights go out and the ocean sounds go on. After this, she lies down on her belly and Adam pats her bum for a few minutes. He then slips out, standing in the curtain a moment, before moving to the couch to watch a little quiet t.v. She calls out sometimes, but at least from my observations doesn't call out much. And then she just sleeps.

In my eavesdropping during the book-reading time tonight I heard June say to her Dad, "I'm so lucky." (Adam tells me this was in reference to the sweet bear she was hugging.) "Are you so lucky Daddy?" He said yes. That we are all lucky to have each other.

And now, for the third night in a row, she is sleeping in a room all her own. We did this by moving our bed out of the room we were all used to sleeping in and moving it into the back bedroom, our official "master bedroom" anyway. Pictures to come, perhaps.

Thanks Adam. Thanks June.


  1. What a milestone & the timing could not be better with new baby brother's arrival within months! The way you & Adam each play important parts of her nightly routine sounds so loving. Ms.June is one lucky little girl :)
    Take care,

  2. How exciting to have your big girl in her own room! I can't believe how fast she's growing.

  3. yay! she's a big girl now! so what's the plan for baby? are you planning to keep baby in your room for awhile?

  4. So wonderful that all three of you have slowly eased through the processes of weaning. Weaning is not the stopping of something (milk or sleeping in your bed), but the changing and moving through those processes. So lovely to hear how important this time is to all of you.
    And yes, at the right time - you need a bit of you time, in your own bed, before the new arrival.

    One thing, though, when we had our little Mishi, Ari decided that he wanted to sleep with us all over again. We had the "biggest family bed" for a long time, full of the four of us. this picture here, if you're intersted....

    Take care, enjoy the growing up and big girl-ness.


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