I love my girl

These photos are for Nana Becky, who gave June the tutu over our recent trip to Woodland. While we were there and June was sick she wouldn't wear it. This weekend, she has refused to take it off. I love taking pictures of her in it.. can you tell?


  1. Such cute pictures & I just love your wood floors! We had them when I was a child & I use to slide around on them in my socks. Wait & see, June will be doing the same soon! :)

  2. Oh I love the purple tutu!!! What sweet photos. I love how they just show her cute little feet.

  3. so adorable! i love her in that tutu and how great that it is not 'pink'...

  4. I haven't been here for ages, and find some wonderful news! A new baby, how most special and sweet. So lovely. Hope you are taking good care of yourself and resting well (cause you won't stop once he's born!!).

    I love the tutu. Mishi loves wearing hers too, she has it on almost every day, and dances around like a little ballerina. And I love taking photos of her in it too, all that fluff and puffy girlyness.

    Take care, love Ellie


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