An update because time is flying

Last weekend or the week before my Dad came to visit. On the last day I snapped these shots of miss June. In these pictures she looks a little bit like her cousin Lily.

By the way, today at school June did not have a single accident. By which I mean she has been actively potty training for about a week now and is getting very good at it.

She had a week of sleeping through the night and lately she is waking up again. I don't know what to make of it.

I'm totally sick, again. This is the second time this winter and I just plain hate it. Wah.

Yesterday morning June said to me, "I don't want to go to school." I hope she doesn't say that too many more times in her life.

I wish I could freeze time sometimes. I wish I could keep June the 2-year-old around forever... I want to watch her grow of course but, oh I will miss how she was tonight. Cranky when I came home, hungry for 100% of my attention and angry when she did not get it. Then upset because she did have an accident at home tonight. And a time out session. But we worked through it, the three of us. And after dinner was over we did lots of playing with Play-doh and then had a quick bath. June read books with her Dad for about half an hour, falling easily off to sleep. It was nice.

And she is so incredibly sweet. And smart.

Today she said, "let's make guacamole" when we were playing with the green play-doh. She is always saying words I don't even know she knows. And she can talk now. It is indisputable.


  1. Awesome photos. She looks so incredibly grown-up. I love the color of her hair with the sun on it.

  2. Love the pics. Beautiful.
    And I too delight so much in the surprise of words--"How do you know what that IS?" Sometimes I laugh at what Linc says because I am so caught off guard by a word choice, a a tone, sophistication. It's a delicious age, to be sure.


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