The Meaning of June and Junie

I write this from the public library over lunch time. Today a book caught my eye - "The Art of Baby Nameology, Explore the Deeper Meaning of Names for your Baby" by Norma J. Watts.

Here is what June means: Has a clever mind. Great social skills. Creative and opinionated. A free spirit, very adaptable.

And here is Junie: Has a clever mind. Great social skills. Creative and opinionated. Blessed in some ways. A free spirit, very adaptable.

So far she is living right up to these descriptions.

This book is cool. I will check it out and you can comment here if you'd like over the next week or so and I'll respond back with your name's meaning.


  1. Sounds like an interesting book. My children are named William(Billy) & Sarah. I gave them love names as toddlers,Bubba & Peaches. I'd enjoy knowing more about the names. Hope you're having a good week.

  2. Those are cool meanings. It's interesting that the only difference is that Junie is 'blessed in some ways' - Junie is blessed in a lot of ways, especially with having such a sweet nickname.

  3. How fun!

    Would love to know if Noelani is even in there. If not I'll take Noe. Or Bean. :-)

  4. Actually, I should mention that in Hawaiian Noelani means "gift from heaven". That's not why we chose the name, but its true nonetheless.

  5. Melissa I will email it to you - whatever I can. :)


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