Halloween Photos

Despite their lateness, at least I am posting this prior to the big All Souls Procession here this weekend. See our photos of last year's procession here.

June was not very into Halloween. Despite being able to say it and a fascination for jack o'lanterns, this photo shoot was the only time we were able to get June into her costume.

I hope you like the photos Mom!


  1. OMG that photo of her pouting is sooooo cute. She is gonna laugh her butt off at that one when she's older! How did you keep from cracking up?

    I still need to photo Halloween photos too but let's just say the Bean was the opposite of Junie - we couldn't get her OUT of her monkey costume!

  2. alright... she doesn't want to wear the costume because she is too darn cute already without it! love junie pics as always. :)

  3. great photos! Beside cute Junie, I love that spider next to the pumpkin.

  4. I love that pouty one!

    That is a cute costume.

  5. I love that photo of Junie looking at herself in the mirror - I love how little kids do that (not self consciously at all).
    My husband made a great turtle costume for a birthday party for my son one year, and he wouldn't wear it; wouldn't even put it on! Kids do what they want hey.

    I hope this means that your internet is fixed, and you'll be back.

  6. The spider was a gift from my Dad and Vikki. Don't you love how the pumpkin got all sunk in so fast? It is insane.

  7. OH! And I don't know that I didn't crack up with June pouting like that. :)

  8. Those are sweet! How are you? I've been SO busy I can barely stand it. I have a long overdue thank you card for you and Junie languishing about my house...I'll have to get your address.... Take care!

  9. Tara, I know JUST what you mean. I am notoriously awful about it. We don't mind not having a card. I just hoped she liked the gifts. :)


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