Happy Birthday Adam!

Today is my husband's birthday.

The love of my life.

Adam, love, Happy Birthday!

I am so thankful to be living life and sharing dreams with you.

June is too.

PS Thanks for letting me eat a whole plate of brownies for my birthday.
You get to eat two chocolate cakes, some cream puffs, and you can share my Godivas. Fair? Okay... blueberry pie too.

Here is a cool photo of Adam in Alaska.


  1. Ah...it is my Sarah's birthday, too.

    Let's see if the whole horoscope thing works...

    Sarah is magnetic, well-liked, funny, smart....has a tiny compulsive side....

    What about Adam?

  2. Adam is all of those things too. And a great friend.

    He laughed to see this. I don't know why.

  3. happy birthday to adam! what a wonderful teacher and papa! I am so happy to know you robinsons.


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