Growing Older, Growing Stronger

I've been thinking lately about getting older, in part because I recently turned 33. Sometimes I am more optimistic about aging than others. I do not like feeling old or seeing signs of age on my face. I'll admit it! Yet, the life I lead is so rich with love. The days weave together beautifully. And I feel so good about where I am at this point in time.

Recently, Melissa tipped me off to a contest where you can win a trip to see Ani Difranco play live in New York. I entered a photo and have not figured out what happened to it or where the forums are. But the point is that Ani Difranco has this lovely new song that I identify with a lot. The first lines say, "lately I've been looking in the mirror picking myself apart/you'd think at my age I'd have found something better to do."

When does it end?

I look at my daughter and think of my goals for her. And I know that what I hope to impart is that the joy of life is the most important. And that no matter what you look like, you're a special, precious being, right down to the core.

These pictures were taken two weeks ago on the weekend and I love them. I love my confident brave girl and how she so willingly explores the world. And laughs.


  1. I love what you said here. Those words in that Ani DeFranco song are so true. Sometimes I start to pick myself apart and be critical and then I stop when I remember that I have a daughter who follows everything I do and I don't want her to do that to herself.

  2. We need one of those water parks over here. How awesome is that? Of course, since the Bean HATES water in her eyes or ears she'd probably just stand around and watch it . . . sigh.

    It's tough to embrace the aging process, to remember that it's how you feel on the inside that counts. It's easier when your daughter looks at you with such love - you know you are so beautiful to her!


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