Alaska update

I thought I would check in and write a little. I have to apologize to anyone who hasn't received an email back lately. I have had a hard time accessing the internet and I have been studying my brains out for the bar exam. It is overwhelming. Plus, I don't have daytime internet access the way I am studying. So, that leads to less blogging and spotty email correspondence.

Life in Alaska is mostly as we predicted. We're getting a lot of quality time with grandpa (ba-pa) and Nana Becky. And we're enjoying a lot of lovely meals. June has been adapting to the light at night very well, or at least a lot better than I expected. We've also been making some fall asleep changes, where now Adam lies down with June for her to fall asleep, after the nursing is done with at the end of our night night routine. It is going well. We're not to the point of tucking her in on her own and saying goodnight and leaving the room, but we'll get there. I really appreciate the extra hours of sleep. The well-known theory is that babies awaken in the night (like everyone does) and want to be in the same place and state as when they fell asleep. The new arrangement means she falls asleep sans boobie, which is GREAT!

I really wish I had more free time. I am studying more for the bar than I did for law school. Four hours of lecture a day, plus a lot of reading and reviewing. And I confess, it is awfully boring. I'll get through. The test is four weeks from yesterday. I keep reminding myself that I have time. And that if this is humanly possible, and it is, that means I can do it.

Thanks for all the lovely comments during "June Days." While it presented a unique challenge and was fun, I'm happy to be back to normal blogging for awhile.


  1. I think I heard one time that the bar exam is one of the hardest exams around. Good for you for all your hard work. Here's a quote I read today that I'll share with you for a little encouragement in your studies: "We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes"- John F. Kennedy. It doesn't sound like your fearful at all...I admire people like you!

  2. good luck on your exam! passing the bar is one huge task.

    hooray on june falling asleep without the boobs!

    happy 4th!

  3. Okay so when you are done sleep training June can you come sleep train the Bean? Because thats got to be waaaaaay harder than a silly 'ol bar exam. ;-)

    Good luck with the studying!

  4. Man the studying sounds like a lot of work. If anyone can do it though, I'm sure you can. You always impress me with the number of things you're able to get done.
    Wish you were here with us. June would love the fishes.

  5. Good luck with the studying and your exams!


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