June Days :: 21

June is feeling a whole lot better. I can't help but want to brag about her lately. She learns a new word every day. At least one. She can stack blocks. She can take off her shoes and put them back on. She loves dogs, loves giving them kisses. She says "noise" now whenever she hears a strange sound. She says "up we go" when she goes up stairs. She says "air plane" whenever they fly over us in the sky, or even when she hears one of the motors. She is really taking off and it is such a fun time.

When she sees something cool she says, "Woooow. Niice." You know, the way we say it when we mean it.

Here she is with her Nana Becky, enjoying reaching out and touching the rain.


  1. My daughter is in the same place. I am constantly amazed at the language explosion she is going through... Thanks for the complement on my photo. I'm still learning and I'm thrilled when I manage to get a good shot.

  2. Oh, I wish I could here her say "up we go"! I can just hear it in my head and it sounds soooo cute.
    I'm glad June is feeling better.
    We went to visit Bean and she seemed very well cared for. There were notes about how much attention she's getting. Wonderful neighbors!!

    Hope you're having a good trip.

  3. isn't that just the cutest stage?? kids are just amazing!


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