June Days :: 14

Thank goodness for balloons in the airport.

Miss J. loves balloons. We drive by a car lot in Tucson pretty regularly, and it has these long columns of balloons that I never noticed until recently. This is because June sees them, and when she does, she waves all her arms and legs and shouts, "balloons!"

It is pretty amazing to see how excited she can get.


  1. I really like the top pic! Nice job with the month of photos.

  2. Thanks Erik! The photo was inspired by a movie I saw recently - Kite Runner. In the beginning you see the characters moving in a lot of modern buildings, glass reflecting them. It was lovely.

    I'm happy to see you here. :)

  3. i love that first photo. there is something about balloons that always get the kids so happy and excited. sort of like bubbles!


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