June Days :: 13

This is a moment I hope to remember for a long time.

None of us had any worries or tension. June had just come home from day care. We're nursing, and the sky is blue outside the window. A breeze was lightly blowing the trees around and I liked watching it. Sitting relaxed, June happy. Adam was fixing dinner. These are the moments that make me so very happy.


  1. What a sweet moment. It sounds like my favorite kind of time also!!

  2. Nothing better than really living in the moment....no story of future or past, just you and your little girl--still young, nursing--beautiful weather, and a great hubby!

    You don't need any other story when that's your reality....

    Beautiful pic!

  3. lovely photo

  4. awww.... that's such a sweet moment! you can see and feel the love.

    happy june day 13!

  5. This brings back wonderful memories, unfortunately I didn't think to take a lot of pictures of us nursing.


  6. Thanks Ally. I know I will look back on it someday and get all wistful about my baby. It is such a precious bond, and I like this photo.

    Thanks for the comment.


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