Swimming Faces

I have so much going through my head right now I don't know that I can do any of it justice. Lots of thoughts on mothering, changes, moving, jobs, and then really powerful dreams that I keep having, maybe as a result of nights of sound sleeping. It is amazing how lifting stress can let you sleep better. June certainly can't take all the blame for difficult nights. Speaking of which, last night she woke up three or four times and settled herself back to sleep without nursing, which was a pretty cool accomplishment.


  1. OMG she's so freaking cute. I love her sweet smile. I really shouldn't read any of your posts when I'm at work and far away from my own little Bean. I can't take the cuteness and I don't think my coworker would appreciate my running over and hugging him. I'd probably get sued.

    Hooray for sleep! What's the secret? Is June sleeping in her own space? In her own room? What's the current setup? Has she seen you reading the sleep solutions book and is taking the hint? :-)

    Spill the secrets!

    Can't wait to hear the revelations on all the other stuff. Life is full isn't it? Don't forget to pause and enjoy it! (Although from the pictures it looks like you already are!)

  2. Hey lady! I will pm you about sleep stuff. And maybe eventually blog about it. :)

    So much living going on around here. And I am so sick of the computer I just think about all the internet stuff I could do and then look away.

  3. Good for you for getting away! I can't, I'm addicted. And, uh, I do most of it at work (um, on my lunch/oatmeal/coffee break?) so it doesn't interrupt family time.

    But I get so much information on gardening, being an eco-warrior, food forests, CSA, raw milk, local eating/shopping, sustainable living on a budget, etc. from the 'net. Help! I'm subscribed to too many blogs!

    Watching my inbox for sleep suggestions!

  4. When the internet is an escape, it is wonderful. When it is all I am doing with my life, I feel pathetic.

    Hence, avoidance so that I have a minimal amount of real life.

    Err, but I've been online for two hours now!!! I must stop.

  5. awesome news on june putting herself back to sleep! congrats!

    great pic by the way... love it!

    can you help ME sleep too?? i have a problem of waking up at night regardless whether my baby wakes, then can't fall asleep for another hour .... do you think it's stress?

  6. Girl, such cute pics!

    Watch out for those dreams......I used to dream like a crazy person when I was.....pregnant.

  7. I love the way you put those photos of June together. What a cute girl. Doesn't life seem so much easier when you get enough sleep?

  8. Yay for sleep and dreams. Boo for secrets. If you can't tell strangers on the internet, then who can you tell? :)

  9. Sleep rocks. Those people who claim to be able to sleep for 4 or 5 hours and go full blast the rest of the day? Honestly, they must have some kind of genetic mutation or something.
    Adorable swimming pictures!

  10. Awww Christy, I so wish...

    Thanks everyone for the cheers! But sadly, June was up every 1.5 hours to nurse last night. Argh.


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