This Morning ::

This morning the little girl in the bed said, "No!" and batted her arms at me,
when upon her waking I asked her for a hug.

She then declined to join her parents in the living room,
opting instead to read quietly in the bedroom for awhile.

She had a little fit when her dad lifted her away from her birdy treehouse
for a poopy diaper change.

Her mother thinks she concealed her momentary disappointment at being denied a hug fairly well. But surely the girl could tell that Mom's informing her, "June, your parents are in the living room. We would love it if you would come out here,"
was a sadly veiled attempt at getting some attention.

Who is this girl and what has she done with my baby???

(But my, isn't she beautiful?)

Note: Okay I admit it, it is terribly hard for me to tear myself away from blogging. So here I am, but I still can't promise the level of frequency I *want* to be writing at...


  1. Ahhh, the first stages of independence. It's hard not to feel too hurt by the rejection, but respecting her desire/need to be in control (when the situation allows it) will have her loving you all the more.


  2. Ah... it is hard to get the first rejection, but this independence is so good for her! Right now she probably just want to be able to have the power to chose what she wants to do.

    She's a toddler now!

  3. Time for a new baby......

    (just kidding..???)

  4. She is beautiful- and independent!

  5. she is a sweet angel baby!!!!

  6. Thanks everybody. It's true, she is turning into an independent toddler. And I really am trying to nurture that.

    Christy, you are so right. BUT I want to wait a little longer. Like another year and a half or so. Then IT'S ON! (If I can talk Adam into it.)

  7. My oldest called my husband "Bill"--till I had my second.

    Then it was a very cute, clingy, "Daddy".

    I guess two can play at that independence game, huh? LOL

    (God, I'm advocating emotional manipulation of toddler. That can't be good......)

  8. Christy, I guess I don't get it! Doesn't sound manipulative to me.
    And for a follow-up, June woke this morning and voluntarily hugged and kissed me, like normal. Well, the hug is normal. Kisses are special.

  9. It is funny how toddlers revert to clingy dependence when a new baby comes.....I used to imagine that Emily thought it was a conspiracy.

    Like how would *I* feel if Bill bought home another wife?

    You are never a more popular parent than when you try to introduce a little competition, however innocently...

  10. Ahhhh, now I get it.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Yep, she's a little girl now & yep, she is beautiful...Xxx


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