Back Story: Fall 2002

I met the man who would be my husband just after I turned 27, in August of 2002. He had a heart-stopping look to him and I just wanted to stare and stare. Unfortunately, in the moment I met him, there was a girl holding possessively on to his arm. I dared hope anyway.

I held onto the crush in secret and waited to be invited out with the mutual friends I'd seen him with, hoping he would be along. He was. I played it cool all night long. I delighted in his touching my arm, his following me from inside a party to a deck outside. We weren't even kissing or talking about much, but when people walked outside they'd apologize and turn around. There must've been some crazy electric energy around us.

Even still, it could have been a passing crush. How is a girl to know when she has met the one? My Mom always said you just know.

Well, how do you know? I wondered this for ages. I thought I had "known" but there was always a trickle of doubt about it.

And then... not too long after we met, Adam came over to watch movies at the house I shared with my dear friend Rene. As we watched the movie, I placed my head in Adam's lap. And he played with my hair a bit and ... I fell asleep. Soundly and deeply.

That spoke something to me in a way I had never known. How did I fall asleep with my head in his lap?

And that's how I knew he was the one. I knew that the core of myself felt safe with him. And in combination with the crazy attraction I felt it could be nothing else. I just had to make sure he thought so too.

We got married three years later. These pictures were taken at a barbecue at my sister's house a few days before the wedding.


  1. Oh, nice story!!

    You know, though......I NEED to hear Adam's version!

    It's a "must post" situation, I think..LOL

    Congrats on finding the right one!

  2. That is so sweet! June is going to love hearing that story over and over again.

    I agree with christy though - you need to have Adam do a "guest post" and tell his side of the story!

  3. I loved reading this. What a sweet story and those pictures do capture an obvious love between the two of you.

  4. awww... such a cute story! agree with christy, need your hubby's version too! :)

  5. This is so sweet! I'm a sap for a good love story. And I'm sure the babe will enjoy reading about how her parents fell in love when she is older.

  6. So very sweet. It's nice to be in love!!

  7. oh those pics are lovely...your intense love for each other is palpable. You are definitely a fantastic match!!


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