Sixteen Months Old

Dearest June, Where does the time go?

You have been growing so much lately. Getting taller, eating tons of food. Last night we tried grapes and you could actually chew them, finally.

You and I went on a trip to Oregon last weekend. (Mommy was hoping to get a job, but alas, was not selected.) We had a fun time anyway, visiting family. On the airplane you really wanted to sit in your own seat, without Mommy holding you in place.

This morning you ate crackers for breakfast. You ask for crackers all the time, and you agree that even dehydrated fruit or peas can be crackers. I like this. And you ate your breakfast astride your riding lion.

Today, your Daddy is listening to Desmond Tutu speak in Minneapolis. This is very cool and perhaps someday you will appreciate it. He will be attending a workshop as well that Desmond Tutu is running and everyone works in small groups. I can't wait to hear all about it.

But this post is about YOU my love. I would like to share some of your recent words:

yummy ("ummy")
yucky ("ucky")
off (you've been saying this awhile now)
out (you've been saying this awhile now too)
Shorty ("orty" - our dog)

You can say the words for and identify every single part of your face (except eyebrows which we haven't taught you yet.) My favorite is "tongue" because each time we play that game we stick our tongues out at each other.

You have a song you sing: diddle diddle diddle doo! diddle diddle diddle doo! And the doo! is a high pitched sound like you are mimicking a robot or something.

You are a sweet and snuggly girl. We still nurse every day, though mostly at night to sleep and during sleep. You still sleep with Mommy and Daddy, though we have a toddler bed for you. Now all we use your big girl bed for is reading to you at night. You love climbing into it and I think that soon it will be where you sleep.

We haven't yet had your 15 month doctor's appointment! The doctor rescheduled on us, then we rescheduled. I'll have to post later all the details about just how big you are.

Sometimes you string words together like: "no, cold." Or, "Hi Debbie."

I hope you can see how much you loved the swings in Lithia Park, in Ashland. This was your first time in the swings and I appreciated the way that big jacket stuffed you into the swing like a sausage. I'm always worried about you getting hurt.

You've been mostly healthy this month, though have had a stuffy/runny nose for the last week or so.

We miss Daddy, but he'll be home soon.


P.S. Mommy looks a lot like her Mommy, Nana Becky, in this photo.


  1. Oh! Precious! What a beauty! (Both of you!)

    The jobs will come, jobs will go.....but love between you all? That's forever!

  2. I love these pictures! And I love Adam's self portrait :) These kids are just too much fun.

  3. Gosh, I have to ask, too.....what is Adam's connection to Desmond Tutu?

  4. such a beautiful post for your baby. these are the posts that you need to keep forever so she can read it someday.

  5. Christy,

    Adam is just attending a conference where Desmond Tutu is a keynote speaker. I don't know a lot about it except that it is part of an annual national education/leadership conference.

  6. Oh, I just got this vision of you and Adam--you a human rights lawyer, him..???

    I'm always looking for role models. (Even if they're younger....)

    You are a role model. And Adam.

  7. Christy...

    You got me thinking. I think that part of why I'm so hooked on this blogging thing is because of the search for role models.

    And THANKS!


  8. You know, me too.

    I didn't think of it that way, but I'm very inspired by people and their stories, and sometimes it keeps me going.

    I find role models lots of places, but in blogs I get to see what they are really thinking, which isn't always true with my real-life role models, sadly.


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