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June is napping as I write.

Here is a photo from last night which I liked a lot. June ate an amazing amount of cottage cheese, all by herself with a spoon. Two spoons actually because she had to have mine too.

I had a great day yesterday visiting with my friend Emery. She and June get along great. In fact, when she came over, June very excitedly showed Emery all of her toys. I couldn't get over that.

Today, for the first time, I took a shower while June was napping. I've always been afraid to do that.

Daddy gets home in five hours!


  1. That's a great photo. Congrats on the shower ;) I remember how nervous I was to attempt that the first time while my daughter was sleeping- I think I brought the baby monitor into the bathroom.

  2. Oh, to have a shower by myself . . . that sounds delicious. Have you ever held a soapy slippery baby who wants to play with the razor while you are trying to rinse conditioner out of your hair? :-)

    But its always a bit nerve wracking to do something very involved when they are sleeping. I remember watching the baby monitor for the slightest indication she was moving around.

    Did June break into the biggest smile ever when her daddy walked in the door? I love that look!

  3. We have the same high chair :)

    I have been showering during naps for awhile, but they still make me nervous. I pulled a really crazy move out of desperation last week - I showered while Spence had full reign of the house. Luckily nobody and nothing got hurt!

  4. I had to make an executive decision when I had two (then three) to imprison the baby in the crib (hopefully) and listen carefully for the others.

    It was a sanity thing.

    No one was injured.

    But sometimes I feel lucky that they weren't.

    The first of many, many compromises.

    Or as they say now, the first time I let my "helicopter" get out of the babys' sight.

    (That's from "helicopter parenting" your college kids....LOL)

  5. Of all the weird things, we don't even have a baby monitor. Our house is too small. And since June doesn't sleep in a crib, I worry that she can hurt herself. But I have a feeling this past weekend started a trend...

    At least I know she can get out of the bed safely now.

    Melissa: No I have not! That sounds like a nightmare! But I did have my first shower with the baby on my trip to Oregon. It was lots of fun, big shower space, toys in a bucket, long and delicious.

    Being a mom has really helped me appreciate the joy of showering... and it looks like I'm in good company.


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