In Mom's Shoes

I don't know why she looks so somber.

Sweet little runny nose kid.

Her Dad took this photo the day he returned.

Notice the backwards shoes?


  1. You are a posting fiend lately. :-)

    What is it about shoes other than their own that are so much fun? The Bean keeps pulling some dusty heels out of my closet but so far I've managed to talk her out of trying them on.

    Does Junie have little pink/red boots yet? Those are the Bean's favorite.

  2. No we don't have any boots. I've been thinking about getting her some dress up shoes though. And a feather boa!

    I can't help posting. I'm so enamored with my little toddler.

  3. She is certainly worth posting about - what a cutie! I can't wait to get these two little girls together.

    Ack! You changed the site again! Spring fever or what? Looks great! :-)

  4. Yeah... I wanted the banner to be a photo I took after all. So I changed it. The banner picture is now of some flowers blooming in my very own backyard. :)

  5. Oh, I was going to ask if that flower was even real!


    (Not as beautiful as June, though!)

  6. such a great picture! it's real life... isn't that how we'll see our runny nosed kid when we look down?

  7. great photo. captures such a great "everyday" moment

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