April Showers

It has been really beautiful here in Tucson. I love this time of year, and I also love pretending it is not going to get too damn hot here in a matter of weeks. Flowers have been blooming like crazy, on my bougainvillea (which I love), on all the cacti, and the Mexican bird of paradise we have in our backyard, which is now my new banner photo. Even the aloe have flowers.

It has only rained once this month though, while Adam was gone. But since he's returned, he's got us using our outdoor shower! It has been in the 90s a few times and it heats up our water heater back there. Here is a glimpse of June's first response to it.

The second time we used the shower she walked right up to the spray and stood in the water all by herself. I was afraid the water would knock her over.

Adam took June swimming yesterday (I am still stuck in the mire of trying to graduate) and he says a woman commented, "She has no fear at all!" You know, she is often very careful. I'm happy she likes water. Hopefully she will be a good swimmer one day.


  1. Hurray for lovely weather making it a little easier to get through a challenging time. Good luck with graduation and I look forward to hearing about your job search a bit.

  2. sooo cute! june looks so adorable! i wish i can have an outdoor shower like that too!

    btw, i just tagged you on my blog for Meme... feel free to participate or not. :)

  3. Good luck on graduating!

    Looks like the family is enjoying life--thus one less thing to worry about?--even if you're stressed....

    It'll be over soon!

  4. Thanks ladies. That last photo just makes my heart glad.

    And outdoor showers are lovely. Especially at night.

  5. An outdoor shower! We have one too. In fact the entire pacific northwest has one. It's called STOP FREAKING RAINING ALREADY AND GIVE US SOME SUNSHINE.

    But seriously, both Adam and Junie look so happy. What a treat to have a water-loving baby!

  6. I've always wanted an outdoor shower! We are also pretending the impending heatwave is not coming! Yikes!

  7. I love your new banner, so pretty.

    What a wonderful place to play - an outdoor solar heated shower. So fun. My little ones love water too - especially Mishi; she would be in that outdoor shower all day!

  8. This is an incredible series of pictures. I love the one of June looking up into the shower.

  9. Thanks Toni. Me too! :)

  10. Those are some sweet pictures. She is one cute, precious little girl. It's hard having them grow up and gain independence, even thought this is what we want.

    I feel sad for Teagan growing up so fast and me not being there like I was for her first year. It's hard having family so far away, I'm sure you feel the paid also!

  11. Rhiannon: I totally do. I am far from my sister and her kids. This bums me out whenever I think about it.


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