What June Eats

This weekend I was struck by what June deigned to eat for lunch. It was: a bite of raw onion, some lemon and lemon peel, and 5 or 6 french fries. Yes, we were eating out. She refused beans, hamburger, melted cheese, and tomato. Musing on this I thought I would line out what June eats, because it is a funny assortment I might like to look back on some day.

At the egg hunt June discovered a love of watermelon.

Her appetite comes and goes. I love the days when she eats anything we give her (but those days are not too frequent.)

Top of the list foods: cheese and blueberries. We buy the babybel cheese from Costco in bulk. Lately when I open the refrigerator door, June points and loudly requests cheese, which sounds more like "tease" the way she pronounces it. I always cave. But no more than once a day.

Breakfast foods: vary whether it is a weekend or weekday. Weekdays, June mostly eats at day care, but we give her dry cereal in the mornings. Adam almost always has a bowl of cereal for breakfast and June will follow him around for bites. She will play a little, swallow, come back for more, play a little, swallow, repeat. It is adorable. On weekends Adam often makes us pancakes. The thing I like most about our pancakes is they are made to not need syrup; full of berries and bananas, often including chocolate chips (which we don't give June). I like to make these popovers, and I'll also give June bites of buttered toast. If we go out we share a muffin, eggs, croissant, whatever. And June will very rarely turn down a potato - so home fries are on the list. She also loves fresh strawberries and kiwi. Sometimes I make scrambled eggs for breakfast and June likes those.

Lunch: catch as catch can! Hard to say since we are often on the go, and most days (sadly) June eats lunch at day care.

Dinner: a lot like lunch. We are usually in a rush to fix dinner and June is too hungry to wait. She fills up on cheese, crackers and bits of fruit generally before we get the dinner fixed. She likes black beans, peas, corn, and she really likes things like beef stew. Adam says she likes entrees. Bite-sized pastas are a go-to food. She loves to pop them in her mouth. I love to cover them with butter and cheese, but she also eats tomato sauce and veggies when that is happening. Since Adam is vegetarian we don't often eat meat at home. Luckily, we all like tofu.

And cabbage and garbanzo beans lead to gas. :)

Happy day everyone!


  1. I'm new on your blog, but your daughter is too cute!

    Both my daughters go to daycare and surprisingly, my eldest who is 3.5yr old who is the pickiest eater at home will eat everything they give her at daycare. Yes, that includes all the 'green veggie-table'!

  2. We eat a lot of 'tease' at our house too. :-)

  3. My kids LOVE everything outside the house too! I used to be a bit insulted.....they even LOVED camp food.

  4. Yep! Pass the "tease" please! Xxx

  5. It sounds like she's getting a healthy diet- kids are the funniest eaters. That was a good idea to write down what she's eating right now- it will be fun for you to look back on later.

  6. I agree that's it will be fun to look back on this later. I'm trying to remember what my daughter liked all those years ago.... Hhmm. Must be having a senior moment!

  7. Very cute! My little guy is 18 months old and eats just about everything. His food, plus all of his fussy-eater sister's food.

  8. i've just discovered your blog and am loving it! your daughter is so sweet and your little family so lovely. i have a just turned 4 year old daughter and i hear you on the food front - been there! :)

  9. Hey Mah-meeee and Shelley! I'm happy to have some new people around here. :) Thanks for commenting.

    Yes please everyone, come over for tease.


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