Yesterday's Tale of Woe

First I worried that June's diaper rash hadn't improved. So we aired her out. I hoped she wouldn't pee on anything. A few moments later I worried that the pee stain wouldn't come off the couch. I worried that I put her diaper back on too soon, that the ointment wouldn't do a good job and I should use a different one.

I worried that the dried snot on her cheek would leave her skin dry and chapped. And that the eye gook crusted in her eye would form a clog.

I worried that the balloon she was playing with would pop and it would make her cry. Especially since she was determined to chew/suck on the knot of it and it would bounce back and hit her in the face. Then she would sit on it. I worried that in the future I will have more worries like this, always fearing that she'll forget to wear a helmet or a life jacket. Or a flippin' hat.

I worried that she will fall off of the couch once she so happily climbs up on it.

Later I worried because they called me from day care to come and get her. Her cough was worrying them too. So I brought her home and worried that I should be taking her to the doctor, though she didn't have a fever. I worried that her cough was croup or bronchitis.

I worried when I took her out for a ride in her stroller. That I should keep her in because she's sick. That I bundled her up too warmly. Or perhaps didn't bundle her up enough. I worried that some weirdo would bother us at the park (where many homeless people sleep) and I would not be able to protect her.

I worried that she wouldn't be accepted at day care today and that I'd have to miss another day of school. I worried she would miss me when I dropped her off. That she would cry all day and that the day care ladies would say I was not a good mom to bring her in.

And I worry that I spoil her.


  1. yr sweet and funny
    try weleda diaper creme
    It rocks and works better than any other I have tried!!!! I swear by it...

  2. This made me laugh. And shake my head, knowingly.

    (And I careful with balloons! They can deflate and she can suck them down her windpipe and choke!--that was one of my many, many worries....)

    Now I'm cyber-worrying.

  3. Triple cream worked for us, though one time she had a diaper rash that turned into a yeast infection (there is a picture of the difference on Dr. Sears website; a yeast infection has raised bumps). For that we had to let her go diaperless as much as possible, especially at night, and we had to get the adult yeast infection cream. Totally embarrassing to buy at the store but you can at least say "it's for my baby". And no one will believe you. :-)

    But it doesn't matter because you'll do anything to make your little bug feel better because you know how they say it hurts you more than it hurts them? IT'S TOTALLY TRUE.

  4. Parenthood is fraught with worry. Sometimes you wonder how they (and we) survive it.

    Do let me know if you guys decide to move back to AK!! (Although right now I'm in such a winter-driven funk I wouldn't recommend it.)

  5. Such is the life of a mom :) This was a great post.

  6. You're such a good mom, and in the same boat with so many of us who are worried about everything.

    About the balloons, I second what Christy said -- they're a huge choking hazzard for kids. Banish them so I don't worrry! :-)

    And I second what hootchie scooter mama said, that if Junie's had antibiotoics lately for her ears, her rash could be yeast. That happened to M. right after he was born, after he had IV antibiotics for five days in the NICU. His, however, wasn't raised bumps -- it was just the opposite, more like pits or divits in his skin. Do a Google search and go see Dr. D. if you're not sure. You can get over-the-counter cream (ask CiCi for the name, maybe nastatin?) to treat it. It's the same stuff they use for athlete's foot. M.'s cleared up within HOURS of using the cream.

    Hope tomorrow is better!

  7. Ugh the worries. They kill me.

    I will throw my two cents in here about diaper rash treatment - we use Boudreaux's Butt Paste and I swear by it (despite the terrible terrible name). It usually starts to work in just one treatment (I slather it on).

    Also - when her diaper rash is really bad we give Emma baths in baking soda, sometimes with every diaper change. You can buy big boxes of it at the grocery store - just dump a ton in the bathwater. It is a little labor intensive, but really does help.

    Of course all of she has a yeast infection.

    Hope she feels better soon, and that your worries ease a little.

  8. I definitely meant for there to be some humor to this post. And some honesty! Man, it is wonderful to have such great other-mom friends.

    Happy Valentine's everyone!

  9. Hey Amy,

    If you get a chance, read this blog post....pretty funny, and apropos to yours.

    (I mean, if you don't feel bad blog creeping....)

  10. Christy,

    Thanks for the tip. That's a cute blog and a crazy post... losing teeth!! Yikes!


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