More kissing

Recently I posted about June's first kiss. I'm kind of embarrassed about it because of the perceived passion in the photographs. Really, she is just a sweet little angel (not a tramp), and she is learning to kiss with her mouth closed... I promise!

I hope she forgives me for this someday and understands that everything she does I am immensely proud of. In fact I do a little internal *I'm-so-proud* mommy dance about almost everything.

So, now, to the point of this post. More kissing. Here is a little bit of love extended to her baby doll.

First, the swoop:

And then the kiss:

Do you see how sweet it is? How she is turning into a little girl with an imagination and desire to play with dolls? Can you see her Mommy dancing ecstatically behind the camera?


  1. But do you see the little rolls on her arms? Do you see the whip cream coming out of her ears when you squeeze those rolls? Because I think I can.


    (and curses for seeing enough sun to have a little tan!)

  2. My son is still talking about that kiss. ;-)

    I know what you mean about the perceived passion in that photo. I have shared the photo with some people but not with others for that same reason. My husband pointed out that the perception part of it is coming from MY head, not June's or Marshall's. He's right. Be proud of your girl, Mommy. She IS a sweet little angel.

  3. Thanks Melissa. I needed that. Good advice too, from your husband.

  4. Truthfully, I think kids just look at other kids as animate objects to mouth at that age.....

    Parallel play?

    I can't imagine anyone would really be put off by it.....

    You can see that she's getting more subtle in her fantasy play, though, with the doll.

  5. Yummy chubby baby nom nom nom.

  6. Thanks Ally. I wish I could reply to you some other way too - do you have a blog?

  7. I'm with ally, NUM NUM NUM...Xxx

  8. I love that little fluff of curls on the back of her head!

  9. My little girl - who has just turned one - loves giving little kisses. Mostly to her family, but often to little dolls or stuffed animals. And, of course, I have to give the doll kisses too.
    About the open-mouth kissing :: most kids go through that phase, and it's so cute, but quite wet and sloppy!
    June's pursed lips are really sweet. Such love for her baby.


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