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When June eats, she likes to stuff piece after piece of whatever she is eating (blueberries, cheese, tofu, crackers, puffs, banana, whatever) into her mouth so that it is totally stuffed and she has little chipmunk cheeks and a puckered mouth. Then she works at it for as long as it takes. Which sometimes is maybe half an hour and I'll realize she still has something in her mouth. It sprays out a little at the sides, especially if she tries to take a drink of water or based on the chewing of it the contents of her mouth just seem to grow and expand. Lots of fun. (It turns out I have posted about this before.)

One of her favorite games is this: make sure your mom is sitting cross-legged on the floor. Walk or crawl over to her. Stand up, holding on to her for support. Make your way around her back so that you are both facing the same direction, and she can't see you. Listen while your mom calls out for you, wondering where you are. "Junie? June? Where are you? Where is June?" Then, appear to one side of mom, giggling maniacly. Do it again.

Game #2. This one is fairly recent. Here is what you do: climb up onto the couch. Groan and cry a little bit if you need a boost. If Mommy is not on the couch yet, pat the spot beside you while looking at her and smiling, in invitation for her to sit down. Once she sits down, shove and push at her back until she gets off the couch. Giggle. Crawl over to the spot mom was sitting in, giggle more. Pat the couch again for mommy to sit back beside you. Repeat. :)

We have been having so much fun with June lately. First off, over the last week her walking has taken off. It seems to me that she is finally confident enough that she knows she doesn't need to hold onto our fingers. But, she is the boss you know, and she still prefers to pull us around with her. Especially to open doors or things like that. (The dog obsession continues.)

That's all for now.


  1. That second game is pretty advanced, socially, concept-wise.

    OK, here it is from my psych. book.

    "....obvious pride at his ability to act counter to convention or his mother's wishes is possible only when self-awareness is firmly established."

    Usually between 15-24 months.

    Btw, it says over praising is not necessary for healthy self-esteem. (I messed this up, to compensate for my childhood.) What they said was that over praise actually overrides their own positive evaluations of themselves. Oh, but here's the kicker....negative comments diminish effort and increase shame.

    Sorry, just took a test on this....thought of June the whole time!! LOl

  2. What a clever little girl she is! That game with the couch sounds hilarious.

  3. Squeeeeee! Junie is so clever...Xxx

  4. I love it! She is so amazing and I know you are having so much fun. I don't know about you, but for us, we noticed the other day that the last reminents of babyhood are now behind our little guy -- he is really and truly a toddler and has left babyhood behind. I'd be more sad about it that I currently am if this phase wasn't so much fun.

    Enjoy your precious girl, Amy. :-)

  5. Get out! That first game - just substitute the word "Noe" for "June" and that's EXACTLY how it goes at our house!

    Isn't peekaboo fun?

  6. Christy, I had to share your psych quote with my husband. We are both very proud, especially Adam. His response was, "oh, she definitely has self-awareness." Very confident. And very sweet.

    Melissa: Yes, it is true. The baby phase is really fading fast. I am holding on though... ! My little baby sweet pea.

    HSM: Holy shit! That is cool!

  7. My son stuffs his mouth super full of food also. Freaks me out!
    Her little games sound so sweet! It's a fun age, isn't it? I think my son is just a few months older than your daughter (17 months). They are starting to really communicate with you and making all these new discoveries. I love it!

  8. I think the key to all these games is the "repeat" part. It's amazing how they will laugh and laugh each time they repeat their action. It's so cute and amazing. I wish we could all laugh so freely!


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