A little bit of June

Here are some recent photos.

Every single day I think to myself, probably a hundred times, "what a little angel."

We had a great weekend and I am sad that it is over now. I hated dropping June off at daycare this morning. And it is dark and gray outside today. Strange for Tucson, except if this is a mini winter monsoon. Normally I like it when it rains, but today it feels a tad melancholy.

On another subject... I've been granted an award!

Thanks Dawn! I would like to pass it on to Ellie, Stephanie, and Tracy.


  1. June looks like a little women with her cell phone, and I like the way her face is lit.

    Sorry about your gloomy weather, we have the opposite, today. It's over 70 degrees. Strange, winter indeed.

  2. Your very welcome about the award. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the cute pictures of June.

  3. June IS a little angel!
    Congrats on the award...Xxx


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