Family Portrait

We went away Friday night up to Flagstaff with some friends of ours. Adam got to go snowboarding and I spent the day roaming around with my friend Emery and her friend Julianna. We all stayed at Emery's mom's house and had a great time. I really should have taken more pictures, but here is one taken by Chris of Adam, June, and I. I love the motion of it; it feels like real life.

The next week is going to be really busy and I feel like I'll be playing catch up the whole time, so I will primarily be posting pictures.

As for life with June, it is fabulous as usual. She is really walking now and talking up a storm. Today we went to the park and slid on the slides. I said, "weeee" as we went down, and so did June. Then she'd walk around the bottom of the slide and say "weee." It is so fun getting to see the world anew with her. In Flagstaff she got to see snow, though we didn't really play in it.


  1. Cute picture. I left something for you at my blog.

  2. Just love the way the camera captured your family as you entered the room, all smiles & full of love!


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