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Over the weekend a very sleepy June and I explored coloring with crayons. This made me very happy, and I loved how she exclaimed "kitty!" over the kitty I drew for her.

I loved how even her feet got involved as she attempted to get crayons in and out of the box, twisting, flexing, contorting. Mostly I loved the activity itself and watching June learn.

June also learned that crayons are not for eating, and she was not very happy about that.


  1. She knew "kitty"! Do you have any sound clips of her? (I guess I should have checked the blog first....)

    That chewed crayon speaks volumes....

  2. No, no sound clips yet. I take videos a lot, but I rarely catch one of her words. Though I can hear them ring in my head. Her kitty has a strong kit-tea. The "kit" is quick and light and the "tea" is long and soft.

  3. I think the taste of crayons is one of my earliest "taste" memories. What cute pictures.

  4. Wow, you are brave. I haven't tried an art project with Emma yet, but I am excited to. This gives me hope that I can get past the "crayons for morning snack! yum!" issue.

  5. Wow, I hadn't thought at all about it, but I remember the taste of crayons too!


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