Daddy's girl

Yesterday Adam went for one of his weekly bike rides. June found his camelback all set up and ready to go. She has mastered drinking out of it, as well as getting it to spill all down her shirt and all over the couch!


  1. When I first saw this, it looked like she had the nozzle from one of those hand operated air pumps pumping up those little baby cheeks!

    Is that the secret to her cuteness? You pump up her cheeks everyday? Then put rouge on her? LOL

    It's working!

  2. Great photo. She sure has beautiful brown eyes.

  3. So cute. This reminded me of my little boy. He loves the sensation of water spilling from his lips, down his chin onto his chest (shirt). He is constantly wet at the moment.

  4. I love the fact that your cat is staring pensively out the window in the background.
    And your daughter is a cutie!


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