June's First Birthday

The day has arrived. Unfortunately for the birthday girl, she was woken up from a deep sleep, had her face washed and eye drops put in (eye is getting weepy and gooey again) and new clothes put on. Her shirt just barely fits so it is about time I put it on her!

We sang her the birthday song, but she just cried. She only wanted to pet the kitty.

As her Dad swept her off to daycare, I stood at the door and they both smiled and waved bye-bye to me. I am sad that I have to study for finals all day and can't just take her on a mother-daughter adventure. I just have to make it to Friday, and the semester will be over.

June's birthday celebration won't be until Sunday. I'm still not sure what we will do, except that I am inviting friends over and my mom and brother will be in town. And that I am going to make cupcakes.


  1. Happy Birthday, Little June!

    Mommy's setting a great example for you, and definitely taking care of her education at the right time--you are so "in the moment" that the concept of a party on a specific day....well....it ain't registering yet, gal!

    (Btw....I've noticed that we "move" birthdays more and more as they age to accommodate all kinds of issues, so that's the norm, these days....)

    So true that the party is for the adults right now. Cupcakes sound yummy! Gotta get some pics with June all messed up with frosting.

  2. Christy, you're the greatest! I love hearing from you.
    I have fantasies about all the decorating and picture-perfect stuff we could do, but in reality, her birthday will be a very simple celebration I'm sure. :)
    I'd invite you if you were in Tucson.

    Back to studying...

  3. Happy birthday to your little cutie. I remember I was doing the exact same thing when my little girl was a baby- going to school. My daughter was born during spring break while I was at U of Idaho. I remember trting to type papers with one hand and hold her with the other- I'm sure you've done that also.

  4. Happy Birthday, June! I can't believe you are already a year old. I'm looking forward to helping you (and mommy and dad) celebrate your birthday. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

  5. Happy Birthday, June - and I hope some birthday good luck rubs off for finals.

  6. junie bug! thought of you lots yesterday and sent lovelovelove. put something in the mail for you today--should be there soon. wish we could come to your birthday celebration and dance with you. bigKISSES&HAPPYbirthday!

  7. Tracy@lagerandlime(who doesn't feel like creating a google account)13 December, 2007 13:53

    Happy Birthday June! She's adorable. And congrats to her mama for making it through the first year - you need to celebrate that achievement too!

  8. Happy birthday to miss June! I've so loved seeing the pictures of her growth - what a precious little girl! And she's lucky to have a mom who loves her as dearly as you do!


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