On the advice of this post yesterday, I came upon a quote by children's book author William Steig. I liked it so well I have to share:
"Art, including juvenile literature, has the power to make any spot on earth the living center of the universe, and unlike science, which often gives us the illusion of understanding things we really do not understand, it helps us to know life in a way that still keeps before us the mystery of things. It enhances the sense of wonder. And wonder is respect for life. Art also stimulates the adventurousness and the playfulness that keep us moving in a lively way and that lead us to useful discovery."

Also in my web wanderings of yesterday I found this post on treehugger about how childhood outdoor play is linked with creativity. My Dad and I talk all the time about the importance of bringing June outside to see the world. So far, outdoor play is limited to stroller time or Ergo time with the folks. But she loves it, particularly in the stroller, where she can use her newfound ability to point at things and make noises.

I have been thinking about Tracy and how she is raising her son in New York City. She posted recently about their decision-making process and where they are going to move next. Then also on treehugger I came across these two links about a movement to remain in big cities to raise families. While I know this will not happen for a couple of country kids like Adam and I, I can sense a conflict of values. We already like to live in the downtown area so that we can bike most places. Our dream of living in a country-side setting will involve a lot more commuting. And yet... I want to preserve the wonder for June by living in an outdoorsy setting. I don't like seeing lots of concrete and big buildings. I feel lost in big cities and as though I've lost my uniqueness.

I don't feel very articulate today. But I am feeling a conflict of values and I encourage anyone to sound in on this topic.


  1. Hi Amy, I found the link to your blog at Britt's myspace page. June is so beautiful, she simultaneously manages to look a lot like both you and Adam. I love reading about your adventures in motherhood...isn't it wonderful? I had my baby boy three and a half months ago. I love having a baby again!

  2. Growing up in the country is great for little kids. Maybe not as good for teens, as they tend to turn to wild pursuits out of boredom.

    Just personal experience, though. Maybe not representative of everybody....

    I liked being a rural girl.


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