Little Junie Things

I have mentioned this before, but June has a thing she does that is very her and I haven't ever heard of other babies doing it. Basically it is a laugh through her nose. She leans her head back, looks you in the eye, and breathes out through her nose in a series of bursts. It is as though she is trying to say, "that is so funny." And then whenever she does it it makes us all laugh, so she keeps it up.

She also LOVES music and she moves her little body to it all the time. Even when I sing her a little song or my cell phone rings, she lights up and wiggles.

Yesterday she was all into pushing the dining room chairs around.

Today I think she really truly discovered her hair. Adam saw it first happen, and then when I was putting her to bed she kept tugging at it all over, feeling, exploring.

That is what we do around here. We feel and explore. And love.
And clean. It is looking pretty dang good after today.


  1. Isaac has a little thing - even when he was a baby and nursing he would make really loud...MMMMM sounds. He still does it at six when he is eating something he loves. It makes me all warm and happy when he does that.

  2. Scarymelon, that is so sweet. While nursing, my little man will look me in the eye and then let his eyes roll in a lusty way that says, "uhhhh, thank you so much, this is soooo good!" I love it.

  3. Amy, I think June is trying to blow snot on you! Wait till she's a teen!

    Seriously, I haven't heard of that either.

  4. LOL!!!!!

    [It does help with clearing her nose incidentally, but luckily with not that much force.]


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